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Tasheana Colon
Owner & Creative Designer

My entire life I've been a creator and an artist. For as long as I can remember, I've made sentimental gifts for my loved ones. I hold the relationships with my family and friends very close to my heart. Throughout the years I've found my purpose by creating memories and sharing them with those I love. Creating something from nothing brings me joy. Each piece I complete gives me the drive to create more, but there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the joy my products bring to others.


For years I decided not to pursue my dreams. As a stay-at-home/work-from-home mother, I convinced myself that creating is just a hobby and I couldn't start my own business. Then the pandemic hit and I wanted to spread love and joy to those around me during such a difficult time.


Fast forward to now,  I am building and living my dream. I am a first-generation business owner. I have shipped my products all over the United States and my business is growing. I strive daily to make TashMade an affordable company that makes high-quality, personalized products for my customers and supporters. 

TashMade has helped me to find myself and has opened so many doors for me and my family. I am building my dream and working hard to create a successful business that I can pass to my children. 


Thank you to those that support my small business! It means so much to me and my family! 


I would love to connect with you.

You can reach me on any of my social media accounts and by email.


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