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 The gift cards can NOT be used to cover shipping. There is a cart minimum of $8.95 (Shipping rate) The gift cards do not expire. This gift card can be used on all collections including tum blers and personalized items. This promotion is limited to one $5 gift card per person and cannot be gifted or exchangesd as it is linked to the email it is sent to. The gift cards can be used with other promotions and sales.


Have you explored the TashMade Shop website?
Where did you first hear about TashMade?

Answer these questions on the following scale:
1 star- Strongly disagree, 2 stars- disagree, 3 stars- I neither agree or disagree, 4 stars- I agree, 5 stars- I strongly agree

The TashMade Website is user friendly.
I feel the products are worth the listed prices?
TashMade sells items that are in my market (interests)
TashMade has a great variety of items for all customers
Have you ever purchased an item from TashMade?

If you answered yes to the last question rate the next 5 questions on the following scale:
1 star- Horrible 2 stars-Not the best  , 3 stars- It was ok, 4 stars-It was Great, 5 stars- Amazing

How was your shopping experience?
How was the customer service you recieved?
The product(s) I purchased were high quality.
Did your order ship in a timely manner?
Will you shop wih TashMade again?

Thanks for your feedback!

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